Cobh Zero Waste is a collaboration of local groups, including CHASE (Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment), Cobh Tidy Towns and Cobh Community Allotments, Cork Environmental Forum and waste management companies operating in the town, with the aim of making Cobh one of Irelands first Zero Waste towns.

We are looking for 100 households to take part in the pilot stage of our project.

>> What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a journey, a way of thinking about reducing and re-using resources rather than throwing things out. And this way of thinking is being adopted by a rapidly growing number of towns and cities worldwide.

>> Where is Zero Waste in action already?

Some of the towns and cities that have adopted a Zero Waste approach in the United States include Austin, San Francisco, and Seattle, to name but three. Closer to home, Naples (Italy), Roubaix (Belgium), and our neighbours in Cashel, Co. Tipperary have all begun their own Zero Waste journey.

>> Why Zero waste?

The journey toward Zero Waste can help in the fight against global warming and making our planet more sustainable by …

  1. Cutting food waste and all the resources used in the production of food that goes to waste.
  2. Re-designing products so they can be re-used instead of thrown out after use.
  3. Decreasing the amount of plastic waste, including the many forms of packaging
  4. Finding alternatives to non-recyclable waste (such as compostable packaging)
  5. Removing the need for landfill and incineration which lead to greenhouse gases and toxic emissions, as well as destroying finite resources through burning

And it can save you money by reducing your bin charges, as pay-by-weight charges are due to be introduced soon.